Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Uploads

Dear Young Doctors of RMT,

I have uploaded a few files on Pharmacology, Internal Disease and Endocrine System for you to download at the side bar.
These files were given courtesy of a student of Cyberjaya Medical College.
I have a few more systems to be uploaded.
Please check this blogspot frequently to get yourself updated.

Anything to share?
Please do so!

Thank you.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Logo 2

Logo from Aliff.

Russian State Medical UniversityMoscow Medical Academy


Maksud Logo

We learn . We apply . We improve

Moto Russian Medical Team

Merpati putih

Simbolik sebagai pemabawa utusan. Ahli-ahli RMT berfungsi sebagai utusan atau duta kecil bagi kerajaan Malaysia ke Russia untuk menimba ilmu serta pengalaman, seterusnya untuk dicurahkan sebagai amal bakti di tanah air kelak.

‘Love Heart’

Simbolik kepada ikatan kasih saying serta ukhuwah yang menjadi asas serta tunjang utama kekuatan RMT.

Simbolik kepada aktiviti-aktiviti bercorak kemasyarakatan yang berfungsi untuk berbakti serta beramal kepada masyarakat, selari dengan visi serta misi RMT untuk menyemai budaya berbakti sebagai doktor.


Simbolik kepada kesihatan serta kesejahteraan hidup masyarakat yang dapat dicapai melalui aktiviti-aktiviti bercorak pendidikan kepada masyarakat.

‘Staff of Asclepius’

Simbolik kepada ilmu perubatan sejagat.

Warna Putih, Biru dan Merah

Simbolik kepada negara/warna bendera Russia, tempat penubuhan RMT

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Logo for RMT

Any ideas for our logo team?
If you do, bring out the idea tomorrow.
Here's an example made by Zharif.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to design our newly form RMT logo.
All the best!

By the way, just as a reminder.
Here's out motto.

We Learn, We Apply, We Improve

Tentative for 9th May 2008

Alhamdulillah, the discussion session went great on 2nd May 2008 as scheduled.
Cooperation seems to be practise whether during the formal agenda nor informally.
In short, each and every one of us could see the unity in striving the Russian Medical Team motto; We Learn, We Apply, We Improve.

I am terribly sorry for not updating this blog soon enough.
I will try to keep it up starting the next discussion.

Here's the tentative for tomorrow's next discussion and meeting.

3rd Minutes of Meeting

DATE : 9th May 2008

PLACE : Study Room

TIME : 12.30 pm




1.0 Group disccusion

1.1- Cardiomyopathy




2.0 Teaching Hospital


3.0 Medical Camp


The information on Hypertension will soon be updated.
You can download them by browsing at the sidebar later.

Prepare for tomorrow's debate, people?

Friday, May 2, 2008

Minit Mesyuarat 2/5/2008


TARIKH : 2 May 2008

TEMPAT : Bilik Study

MASA : 3.30 petang




Group Disscussion

1.1 hypertension

1.2 IHD

1.3 Cardiomyopathy


Teaching Hospital


2.2- participant



Medical Camp


3.2-activity update each team