Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Clinical Medical Discussion(CMD) 2

  1. Theme: Endocrine systems
  2. Main Objectives: Discuss the – Clinical case

a. Diagnosis

b. Management

c. Differential Diagnosis (DDx)

d. Pathophysiology (Optional for individual, not too long)

  1. Please try to make the point of discussion simple in order to make your colleagues easier to remember besides we would like to finish all these topics in one day :D

  1. Any kind of problems please refer to Aizat.

The Doctors:



1. Dr Ahmad Zharif Bin Hussein

Diabetic Ketoacidosis

2. Dr Hilmi Hashim


3. Dr Dinie Tumaisuri


4. Dr Aliff Saifuddin bin Mohd Shukri

DM type I

5. Dr Zahir bin Ismail


6. Dr DzulAlkamal bin Dawam


7. Dr Mohd Tarmizi bin Ahmad Zakhi

DM type II

8 Dr Aizat Sabri bin Ilias

Addisons disease

9. Dr Mohd. Nazlin bin Kamaruddin

Diabetes insipidus

10. Dr Mazni Baharom


11. Dr Layla Tumaisuri


12. Dr Mazilah binti Mazlan


13. Dr Aini Shazwani binti Luey


14. Dr Nadiah Hamimah binti Kamaluddin

Pituitary tumours

15. Dr Jalwati Amirah binti Johari

Thyroid eye disease

16. Dr Amnah Binti Yousop


17. Dr Nabilah azman

18. Dr.Ilinatasha Binti Jamil

Adrenal cortex and Cushing’s syndrome

Acromegaly and Gigantism

This discussion is scheduled to be on 2nd November 2008 from 12-4pm. Venue; study room M2.

I hope that everyone could be at the hostel earlier so that we could start the discussion on time.

We will be conducting the CMD this time as the CUCMS students did their presentation.

These previous RMT-ians that were at the Terendak Hospital for practical last summer had experienced so.

Any help, ask either Dr. Zahir, Dr. Al, Dr. Amnah, Dr. Amirah, Dr.Zharif, Dr. Mazni, Dr. Mazilah, Dr. Aini, Dr. Layla or Dr. Nazlin.

Your cooperation is very much needed and appreciated.

Let’s get back to work people!!

Good luck!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sunathon Felda Sri Jaya, Muar 2008.

the whole program was hilarious right from the start.
the meeting at a friend's house in ampang till the very last moment of the
closing ceremony in the prestigious main hall of that infamous village for the homestay program of 3 days 2 nights.

the feelings of nervousness and not much confidence filled us.
yes, the butterflies had been flying around the stomach ever since we planned this very first project in moscow.

the orphans program went extremely well as this was our first time handli
ng counselling-like agenda.
dedicated to the orphans aged between 9 to 14 and to the single moms too.
almost three hours of the first night was spent wisely between all of us.
tears running down their cheeks (and even mine!) were proven that we did it!

we like them and of course, vice versa too.

the peak of the program was the next day.
technical problems were settled fast by the MA (medical asistant) students, the KK (klinik kesihatan) of that area and one of the big hospital in that district.

everyone had the chance of completing the procedure from A to Z.
to some, no guts yet, but next time, will do.

we took turns in assisting each other and some of us had found what we are good at, and what we are not.
kids were extremely hyperactive and some just couldn't bear to see the instruments used.

the evening was spent cam-whoring by his 400D and his new 450D which makes us so magnetic everytime the shutter button is pressed.
well said, photographer knows best but posers knows better. (it depends actually)

of course, Nisfu Syaaban was an option for us because our mind and body could not cope with anything after that.
imagine 36 kids circumsized by only 14 medic students.
it sounds so little, but we had to do all by ourselves except that the start is done by the handsome Dr Aznil, pregnant Dr. XXX, actor-like Dr. Muaz (or so..).

the village people were so cool to all of us.
frankly speaking, the could mix around so well with strangers.
that's how comunities work. anywhere and everywhere.

continuing the next day which is more to a community services made from house to house, guided by the representative of the village.
statistic taken and most of the villagers are prone to get hypertension, diabetes and stroke, which is common to malaysians due to the meals and junks taken daily.
but youngsters are now aware of the importance of taking extra care of their health as they do not want these disease to attack them by the age of 30 plus.

there were even really 'nice' cases (i will have to refer back to the clerking paper) that put us in awe.

the closing ceremony of course were made as simple as possible.
but the ketua kampung and his people gave their full commitment in handling our team.
plaques were given and the selawat by the ketua kampung made us shed our tears when we hugged and embraced the foster parents of ours.

more pictures, click ( here ).

hope to see more activities here in Moscow and in Malaysia later.
any infos, get yourself updated from here!