Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Report on Basic Life Support Program.

As scheduled on the previous post,(BLS Program) at Sportivnaya Hostel turned out successful as we got supports from the RMT members and non-members.

Conducted by Dr. George, who is an Traumatologist & Orthopedics at one of the hospitals here in Moscow.

The participants that came on that day was;

  1. Ahmad Zharif Hussein
  2. Norzaher Ismail
  3. Dzualkamal Dawam
  4. Mohd. Irfan b Abd Rahman
  5. Layla Tumaisuri
  6. Mazni Baharom
  7. Alina Hasni
  8. Jalwati Amirah Johari
  9. Maimunah Amin
  10. Nurul Ain Yusuf
  11. Nadia Kamaludin
  12. Shashi Indran Naidu Rama Santaram
  13. Fatini Najwa Ghazali
  14. Shazwani Adnan
  15. Wan Mohamad Ikhuwan b Wan Ahmad Sayutti
  16. Asyiq Rafali
  17. Siti Sarah bt Mohd Shukor
  18. Amnah Yusof
  19. Nabilah Azman
  20. Eliza Aida Ahmad Badros
  21. Mohd. Nazlin Kamarudin

Pictures throughout the program.

These are the slide shows that were presented by Dr. George.
Click the bold sentence to download the slide shows.
More pictures can be seen in this set; (Basic Life Support, Moscow).

We thank all of you who had a great time learning about medical emergencies.
For the next class, we will inform you when and where through this blog.
Keep yourself updated!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

BLS Program Tentative

Date : 12th April 2009

Time : 10.00am - 1.30pm
Venue : Study Room, Sportivnaya Hostel

Program Schedule
8.00 am : From M2 hostel
9.00 am : Gather at the study room
9.15 - 9.45 am : MCQ on basic knowledge of first aid
10.00- 11.00 am : Speaker by Dr. George on CPR
11.00 am : Short break
11.05 - 1.00 pm : First Aid
1.00 - 1.30 pm : Question & Answers
1.30 pm : End of program

I hope to get a full co-operation from RMT team members to be early and respect the time.
Every single second is to be wisely use.

Payments are to be paid latest by Thursday night to Dr. Amnah (M1) and Dr. Layla (M2).
Any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Nazlin (M1) or Dr. Zharif (M2).

Thank you.

Monday, March 16, 2009

BLS Program.

Basic Life Support Program

Organizer Community:

  • Dr. Nazlin
  • Dr. Aizat
  • Dr. Amnah
  • Dr. Zharif
  • Dr. Layla


  • RMT members
  • NON-RMT members (10 students; 5 from M1 & 5 from M2)

Venue : M1 study room

Date : 4 April 2009 1100 am

Fee : 100 rubel


  1. Management during emergency situation
  2. CPR
  3. First Aid

· Burn

· Electrical shock

· Choking

· Trauma-fracture, bleeding, sprain, strain

· Drown

· Poisoning

As we discussed in the previous discussion, the non-RMTs are those who were invited.
I hope the members and non-members selected could give their names to the following representatives latest by 1st April 2009;

M1 - Dr. Amnah
M2 - Dr. Layla

We really hope this small program is a success besides the discussions that were normally held.
We really need a full commitment from the members and we hoped that everyone could attend this program.

Thank you.

Report on 4th CMD.

Pictures during agenda.

When it's food time, everyone was fresh!!

So-called High Council, the one in peace.

Dr. Sarah presenting, extremely full of info.

Dr. Zaher, Dr Alina, Dr Mazni
(shut-down already??)

Dr Nazlin trying understand the hammer reflex.

Venue : Study Room, MMA Sportivnaya Hostel
Date : 13th March 2009

Present :
  • Dr Ahmad Zharif Bin Hussein
  • Dr Dinie Tumaisuri
  • Dr Zahir bin Ismail
  • Dr Dzualkamal bin Dawam
  • Dr Aizat Sabri bin Ilias
  • Dr Mohd. Nazlin bin Kamaruddin
  • Dr Mazni Baharom
  • Dr Layla Tumaisuri
  • Dr Mazilah binti Mazlan
  • Dr Amnah Binti Yousop
  • Dr. Alina Hasni
  • Dr. Siti sarah Shukor

Invitation :

  • Dr. Irfan Abd Rahman
  • Dr. Anna Mohammad Amin

Absent :
  • Dr Mohd Tarmizi bin Ahmad Zakhi
  • Dr Hilmi Hashim
  • Dr Aliff Saifuddin bin Mohd Shukri
  • Dr Aini Shazwani binti Luey (preparing for PPIM Woman's Day celebration)
  • Dr Jalwati Amirah binti Johari (preparing for PPIM Woman's Day celebration)
  • Dr Nabilah Azman (preparing for PPIM Woman's Day celebration)
  • Dr Nadiah Hamimah binti Kamaluddin
  • Dr.Ilinatasha Binti Jamil

Tentative :

12.45 pm : CMD started with reciting Al-Fatihah
12.50pm : CMD started with Dr. Zharif presenting Motor neuron Disease and Dr. Sarah (Glomerulonephritis)
3.00 pm : Break for Zuhr prayer and lunch
4.00 pm : Discussion end

The presentations using the powerpoint had been uploaded and you can freely download them (click the bold word) at;

Motor Neuron Disease

After the Zuhr prayer, we gathered back to the study room for lunch and a few discussions were held up. Among the topics that were brought up to discussion were about the practicals for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th year students during summer here in Moscow.

As planned, the Basic Life Support agenda will be held soon. Thanks to the M1 members for getting their study room for this program. The tentative will be on the next post.

To those who were not able to come for the previous CMD, we hope that the coming discussion, you could be attentive and present yourself as this is a comitment team.

Thank you very much.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

RMT Family Medicine updated!

This is to inform that the Family Medicine Department will be updated from time to time from now on.

Please help yourself indulging more knowledge that are required, in wise of modernize area and also the ancient times.
If you have anything to share, do spread the news by forwarding your articles to any of the RMT members.

Your time is truly appreciated.

Monday, February 23, 2009

4th CMD

Tarikh : 7 Mac 2009 (12pm-5pm)
Tempat : Sportive Hostel,M1
Topic : Genitourinary System

Presenter :

• Dr.Ahmad Zharif bin Hussein
• Dr Mohd Tarmizi bin Ahmad Zakhi–
• Dr.Mazilah binti Mazlan
• Dr.Sarah Mohd Shukor–

Theme for CMD
1-motor neuron disease (continue from last CMD neurology)
4-Renal failure

Other topic Discussion
1.BLS in Moscow
2.Sunathon in Malaysia
3.About Practical in Russian by MMC

Prepared by
Dr.Aizat Sabri bin Ilias
Dr.Mohd. Nazlin bin Kamarudin