Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sunathon in Pagoh


To those who have not received sponsorship details for our small sunathon project
please email or IM-ed Layla for it.

Currently the process and progress of our sunathon program is going fine.
It is said that the event will take place at Pekan Pagoh, Lenga in Muar.
Muar Hospital is going to take care of the medical equipments and we are to handle the 'side dishes' of our program.

Any info will be updated here and I hope that you will brief yourself as frequent to know about the latest news on our pilot project.

Thank you very much.

Teaching Hospital and Summer Practical

Salam to the RMT-ians.

Amirah had met Prof. Latiff on Monday, 29th June 2008
regarding the teaching hospital and about summer practical session.
Unfortunately, practical at HUKM has been canceled
and our dear Prof is currently arranging us at Terendak Camp Hospital.
Accommodation will be provided and situated near the beach (i do not know what beach)
and transportation is needed as the hospital is grounded about 7km from the place we are going to stay.
Payment about RM200 for each student for maybe a week or two of the practical.
Whoever wish to register for a week or two (recommend: two weeks) or want to cancel your names
kindly inform Jalwati Amirah at;

  • 03-42954720 (H)
  • 019-3102328 (HP)
Those who think that they are going to go there by your own transport
and is very generous to spare for a week or two for our transport,
please give your names too to Amirah.

We are going to train ourselves with CUCMS students
and Prof. Latiff hopes that we could blend in and get along with them.
We are also allowed and invited to attend CUCMS's theory classes.

Please give your names as soon as possible before Thursday or Friday
to make the arrangement smoother.
Your help and commitment is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Happy holidays people!