Wednesday, December 3, 2008

3rd CMD(Neurology CMD)

  1. Theme: Neurology system
  2. Main Objectives: Discuss the – Clinical case

a. Diagnosis

b. Management

c. Differential Diagnosis (DDx)

  1. Topics for this coming CMD

a) Stroke

b) Myopathy (muscular dystrophy)

c) Motor neuron disease

d) Meningitis

  1. Presenter

a) Dr Ahmad Zharif Bin Hussein

b) Dr Aizat Sabri bin Ilias

c) Dr Mohd. Nazlin bin Kamarudin

d) Dr Amnah Binti Yousop

  1. Only the presenter for this week will be informed on what topics they’ll present. Other doctors have to prepare for all 4 topics (read through) to make better understanding during the presentation.
  2. The presenter must stimulate the other doctors to think and take part in the presentation by asking them. Other doctors also can ask any question at any time during presentation, so that it would be 2-way discussion.
  3. This discussion is scheduled to be on 14thDis 2008(Sunday) from 11-4pm. Venue; study room M1.
Any kind of problems please refer to Dr.Aizat and Dr.Nazlin