Monday, March 16, 2009

BLS Program.

Basic Life Support Program

Organizer Community:

  • Dr. Nazlin
  • Dr. Aizat
  • Dr. Amnah
  • Dr. Zharif
  • Dr. Layla


  • RMT members
  • NON-RMT members (10 students; 5 from M1 & 5 from M2)

Venue : M1 study room

Date : 4 April 2009 1100 am

Fee : 100 rubel


  1. Management during emergency situation
  2. CPR
  3. First Aid

· Burn

· Electrical shock

· Choking

· Trauma-fracture, bleeding, sprain, strain

· Drown

· Poisoning

As we discussed in the previous discussion, the non-RMTs are those who were invited.
I hope the members and non-members selected could give their names to the following representatives latest by 1st April 2009;

M1 - Dr. Amnah
M2 - Dr. Layla

We really hope this small program is a success besides the discussions that were normally held.
We really need a full commitment from the members and we hoped that everyone could attend this program.

Thank you.


Dr. Sarah said...

Salam To All.

BLS is confirmed!

Speaker: Dr. George
April 4th.
Sportiv Hostel.
11 am.

Contact Dr. Nazlin or me for further details.

JatBee said...

alhamdulillah. :D

Anonymous said...

baru dpt stdy room tadi..nasib mama, director cam xnak bagi,die kate ni last blh mntk blk stdy utk wat discussion - nazlin-