Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Report for 2nd November 2008 activity.

Venue :
Study Room, RSMU Hostel

Date : 2nd November 2008

Present :
  • Dr Ahmad Zharif Bin Hussein
  • Dr Hilmi Hashim
  • Dr Dinie Tumaisuri
  • Dr Aliff Saifuddin bin Mohd Shukri
  • Dr Zahir bin Ismail
  • Dr DzulAlkamal bin Dawam
  • Dr Aizat Sabri bin Ilias
  • Dr Mohd. Nazlin bin Kamaruddin
  • Dr Mazni Baharom
  • Dr Layla Tumaisuri
  • Dr Mazilah binti Mazlan
  • Dr Aini Shazwani binti Luey
  • Dr Nadiah Hamimah binti Kamaluddin
  • Dr Jalwati Amirah binti Johari
  • Dr Amnah Binti Yousop
  • Dr Nabilah Azman
  • Dr.Ilinatasha Binti Jamil

Absent :
  • Dr Mohd Tarmizi bin Ahmad Zakhi

Tentative :

12.45 pm : CMD started with reciting Al-Fatihah
2.00 pm : Break, Dzuhur and Asar prayer
2.45 pm : CMD continued
5.00 pm : Discussion end.

The presentations using the powerpoint had been uploaded and you can freely download them.

The new-comer, Dr. Nazlin had done the best presentation and made us think hard.
Even others too had criticize and creative opinions on solving a matter.

The next CMD will soon be inform when the venue and date is confirm.
Please get yourself updated and anyone with interesting articles (obviously!),
please do not hesitate to pass it on to others.


Have you realized the widgets on the right?
Yes, the Cardiology Department!
Dr. Zahir alongside with Dr Zharif had been posting up articles they find very useful for all of us regarding our cardiac system.
Participate in the polls they put at the side-bar.

Interested in neurology? Peadetric? or even Orthopedic?
Want to explore and share your views on the department?
Want to handle a department to show your expertise and deep interest in this?
Feel free to IM-ed me (Layla) in order to start out the new specialist.
We are very most welcome inviting readers and everyone to contribute their knowledge towards improving the medical instituition among the society.

If there's anything that we can improve, write an email to us at;

Your time is appreciated.

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RFL said...

cayalah nazlin~
maafkan yang ade salah format presentation yew!