Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Volgo's Rep Activity Report.

Report on Physical Examination’s Crash Course (CVS, Respiratory System and GIT)

Date : 4th November 2008

Venue : Aktovi Zal, Medical Hostel No 4, Hiroshima 8, Volgograd

Present :


  • 1) Dr Muhd Hilmi Afandi Md Jamil
  • 2) Dr Noor Azimah Ab Aziz
  • 3) Dr Siti Iliana Mohamad


Approximately 40 students (sorry, we didn’t get their name registered)

Tentative :

10.00 am – Arrivals of participants

10.15 am – Doa recitation by Dr Muhd Hilmi Afandi Md Jamil

10.20 am – Briefing by Dr Siti Iliana Mohamad

10.30 am to 2.00 pm – Discussion

We didn’t expect that much participant on the first place but Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly till the end, (except the part that we were scolded by the duty mama because we supposed to end the session before 1 o’clock, of course). But it didn’t distract us much as everyone was so eager to listen, look and learn from the tutor (luckily we had a rehearsal the night before- so I think we have given our best for all the participants).

So this was how things were done; we divided them into 4 groups, and they rotated the 4 stations in turn (which also mean that every tutor had to repeat their presentation 4 times!)

Station 1 : CVS with Dr Muhd Hilmi Afandi Md Jamil

Station 2 : Respiratory system with Dr Noor Azimah Ab Aziz

Station 3 : GIT with Dr Siti Iliana Mohamad

Station 4 : Rest and some minutes to flip through Talley O’Connor, or watch the CD

The scheme of PE’s technique and how to present patient was based on HUSM medical school’s syllabus (Phase II Professional Exam) and Talley O’Connor clinical examination text book. But we tried our best to include some Russian techniques too, eg percussion of the heart .

All together the steps was rather cumbersome, and perhaps we wouldn’t have enough time to examine fully each of our (future) patients, but it is crucial for us (to remember the steps and the possible signs by hard) so that we won’t miss any important signs the patients had. And more practically, to know how to proceed with necessary examination based on patient’s complaint.

The feedback we got was very positive, and everyone is looking forward to have another session. Orthopedic or Neurological examination, perhaps!

Prepared by;

Dr. Siti Iliana Mohamad

(Volgograd RMT Rep)

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